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Property Management

Budget control

Financial control

Record the costs associated with these services and others: technical support, general billing, tenant rental fees, and additional work orders.


Tenant Management

Singu System allows you to create a database of tenants and management related to the lease. The Singu System significantly improves communication with tenants, fromthe exchange of information to the handling process, which increases the tenants' level of satisfaction.

Tenant Management
Document management

Document management

Create a database with these built-in capabilities: archives for service repair protocols, preventive maintenance logs, company-specific reports, and the historical documentation of tasks and commissions.

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Facility Management

Facility Management

Reactive Maintenance

Support for service notifications. Support and monitoring of related service visits. The ability to create repair protocols. Scheduling ability for service tasks.

Planned and Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance scheduling. Automatic delegation of tasks to competent employees. Authorization to schedule warranty-covered repairs and installations via external service companies. The ability to create protocols for completed inspections.

Asset management

Ability to build an asset database, with the option of assigning devices under particular buildings. Appliance management includes warranty monitoring, along with the history of misuse and repairs of individual devices (Technical Inspection Authority control).

Inventory & Stock Management

Cost optimization through proper warehouse management, including inventory balance control, supply generation, and explanations for the necessity of those supplies.

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Real estate portfolio management

Property portfolio management

Database management of properties and premises, with the option of conducting individual documentation and efficient document exchange within each location. The ability to centralize various properties within the database. Analysis of existing lease agreements.


Financial management

Financial management of the property based on the monitoring of service costs, with the possibility of planning for future expenditures and budget updates. Evaluation of potential future earnings related to strategic initiatives and the property portfolio.


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Asset Management Asset Management Asset Management

E-mail integration

An external tool creates a system link through Singu e-mail. Thanks to e-mail integration, effective information exchange is made possible with external partners.

  • E-mail notifications on service requests and tasks
  • Deadline reminders
  • E-mail conversions into new requests
  • Automatic inclusion of e-mail within existing request
  • Continuation of correspondence within the task by email attachment

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Singu FM Mobility


Improved information flow between these relevant participants: property manager, facility manager, developer, tenants, and external service partners.

  • SMS
  • E-mail to platform
  • Platform to e-mail
  • Automatic reminders
  • Historical data and easy access
  • Internal & external communication

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Singu FM Mobility

A web browser connection enables remote access to the software across the world.

  • Online platform
  • Tablet and smartphone enablement
Singu FM Mobility

Reports & Analysis

Ability to create complex reports based on system-wide data. Ability to conduct in-depth analysis, as well as support for benchmark creation.

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Singu Facility Management Reports