Property management

Optimization of the processes for property management.


Tenant management

Creating and managing a tenant database with the possibility of recording lease agreements. Tenants also have access to the panel in the application prepared expressly for them (Helpdesk).


Budgets & Control

Recording costs related to service and technical support, planning budgets of the buildings for successive periods, preventive maintenance, and planned maintenance tasks.


Invoice management

The possibility of issuing invoices related to service tasks, or additional orders for work related to occurrences in the building, along with storage for invoice history.


Historical data

Timeline of events occurring in a particular building. Collected and stored data forms the history of preventive and reactive maintenance with all related documentation.


Prime constructor module

The possibility of creating service tasks addressed to the General Contractor in relevance to the warranty.


Financial control

Registering costs associated with facility maintenance and the possibility of revenue comparison. Improvement of the process of settlement of rent and tenant costs.


Document management

Creating and managing database documents such as contracts, technical property documentation, and service specifications. The system enables the creation of document trees and the assignment of reminders.


Subcontractor management

Detailed management of cooperation with subcontractors. The system enables communication with subcontractors, delegation of tasks outside the company, and the control of subcontractors' work quality. External contractors have access to a specially adapted panel in the application.


Satisfaction surveys for tenants and customers

The module for monitoring tenant and customer satisfaction is enabled with the ability to quickly and easily create and distribute surveys. The module is also used for the analysis of collected material.



Sharing news and announcements is made easy and relevant to the everyday functioning of tenants within the particular building. The module is also useful for providing information about upcoming unusual events (such as fire drills).