Velis is a young enterprise characterized by rapid growth. Within a few short years, we developed an advanced platform as a base for creating a specialised business software. Our systems merge professional business analytics with innovative technological solutions.

Our systems solve the ongoing communication and efficiency needs of specific industries. We continually strive to provide our customers with a convenient and easy-to-use software, as well as the highest standards of data security. If necessary, we provide professional support at each stage. Services offered include the development and implementation of business software and IT integration, from small and medium-sized enterprises to global corporations. Our distinguishing characteristic is a comprehensive approach to projects, which includes relevant industry experts. The main goal of our solutions is to improve the information flow and business processes from inside andoutside the company. Therefore, we combine advanced technologies and innovative ideas with functionality, ease of use, and technical support - at the highest levels.

  • Seeing another satisfied customer who makes comprehensive use of our solutions, visibly benefiting in the management of their company, makes me feel real satisfaction in what we create.

    Adam Penkala

    Member of The Board/ Co-owner
  • In our company, a customer’s trust is placed on the top of the hierarchy of values.

    Maciej Rogowski

    Member of The Board/ Co-owner
  • The most important thing about my job is to anticipate the needs and expectations of our customers. That is why we supply products based on the latest developments, while keeping products easy and intuitive for the end-user.

    Paweł Robaczewski

    Member of The Board/ Co-owner
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Location of Singu FM Products

The development of the company and our products is confirmed by Singu's availability in a constantly growing number of places around the world!

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The rapid increase of satisfied customers testifies to the success of the solutions that we provide.

Over 200 000 Singu users
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1000 4%
5000 7%
35000 10%
100000 18%
250000 60%
350000 90%
350 000
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