Singu FM

This platform is dedicated
to commercial properties.

Singu FM streamlines the property and facility management of office buildings, shopping centers, logistics centers, and production facilities.

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Significantly faster information flow within all units. Communication assigned to particular tasks or requests.

Worktime management

Job scheduling and time execution for tasks and individuals. Quick delegation of tasks to competent people. Automatic reminders.

Data archive

Collecting and storing data essential to the development of the organization. Maintenance of archive resources, and legally required building documentation.

Cost reduction

Limitation of expenses by improving teamwork and optimizing the workload of administration units,
as well as stricter control of expenditures and its economical legitimacy.

Application flexibility

The ability to customize the platform to industry-specific requirements.
Scalable from the single building to multiple geographically distributed properties.


Instant access to reports based on different criteria.

Our Product Movie

Our Product Movie